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Meandros®. Technology inspired by Ancient Greece.

The need for easier transport of beds requires their disassembling and the development of functional components, so that these beds will be reassembled quickly and easily again, showing absolute stability and great durability.
For this purpose, many connectors appeared on the market, made by various materials, each one having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Evenplast, after a long research and years of tests, developed the plastic connector meandros®. The evolution of bed connectors, inspired by the ancient Greek, Meandrios Handle.

Meandros® is an international patented innovation (No: PCT/GR2013/00022) that comes to set new standards of safety, reliability, durability and convenience, changing dramatically the assembly and disassembly of every kind of bed (Kids bed, single bed, double bed etc).

Meandros® welcomes you to the new era of bed connectors.

Μeandros because

  • it’s made from nylon, the hardest, toughest and most long-lived material
  • Connect and disconnect your bed without tools
  • it has safety clips
  • it offers ideal tying
  • it can support a weight of 2 tones
  • it won’t makeyour bed crackle
  • it disconnects the pieces of your bed with one move
  • it never comes loose
  • it has an amazing great price

International Patent: PCT/GR2013/00022

The innovative designof connectors meandros® guarantees the durable and strong connection of the four points of the bed. Inspired by the Meandrios Handle, known since Greek Antiquity, ensures safety and an easy installation.

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After collaboration with the design and technology of wood and furniture University of Karditsa, we conducted tests and endurance tests of meandros® compared with other trade associations beds.
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